The Original Electric / Acoustic


Guitarists from around the world know that the Guitar Factory rocks! Guitar Factory players include: Rick Derringer, Chris Squier(Yes), Pat Travers, Jimmy Buffett, Kirk Hammet, Chris deburgh, Jamie Carling, Derek Trucks, Mike Rutherford(Genesis), Rene Toledo(Gloria Estefan), Angelo Jannotti, Dominic Miller(Sting), Rick Nielson,  , John Themus(Boy George), and countless others.

Kirk Hammet playing with his new EA model.   

 built to his specificationRick Derringer (above) holding a beautiful EAs. Below, Rick plays some of his classic riffs ."

Warren Haynes takes a bite out of this axe.




Jimmy Buffett playing one of his many Guitar Factory models. (below)

Frank Bougher checks out  his  Flame Myrtle Orangeblossom triple 0

Chris de burgh (below) caught flirting with "The Lady in Red" as he performs Don't Pay the Ferryman   on a Guitar Factory 12 string EA model!

Hey look! It's Cheap Trick, Rick's 12 string was black.       




     Chris de burgh's main lead guitar player       


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