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April,1990 Guitar Factory Review



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The Guitar Factory Electric/Acoustic

(Comments from April 1990 Guitar Player Magazine)

The Guitar Factory E/A puts a slick spin on the omnipresent Strat design, despite its Strat-like body and string scale. The E/a is a hybrid: It has an acoustic bridge and a semi-hollow body, yet in terms of construction, features, and looks, its definitely an electric axe.

Comments: Guitar Factory has produced a striking, lightweight instrument that plays like a dream and offers a wide spectrum of useful tones. The transducer delivers lovely, rich percussive acoustic timbres...the E/A's distinctive voice is very welcome in this day and age of sound-alike electrics.---(Harvy Citron - Guitar Player Magazine)

Body: The sound chamber is built from two hollow pieces of mahogany and topped in rosewood. (There are no sound holes of any kind.) I really like this unusual combination of woods: The mahogany is sweet and warm, the rosewood robust and bright. The E/A's top and back are flat, with no waist cut or top bevel; edges are slightly radiused (about 1/4"). controls are accessible via a recessed plastic plate on the back of the instrument. The instrument boast neck-through-body construction. The section of the neck that runs beneath the bridge is hollowed out to the butt-end of the instrument.

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Neck: The laminated neck consists of an attractive maple and purple heart center strip surrounded by lengths of quartersawn mahogany. The woods in the center strip contribute weight, stiffness, and brightness to the neck; lamination adds stability. The neck meets the body cutaway at the 19th fret on the bass side and at the 24th on the treble side. Access to the uppermost frets feels effortless. The neck is fairly slim and evenly rounded. The fingerboard...has a rather flat radius. Position markers are 1/4" in diameter mother of pearl dots. ...The entire instrument is finished in a clear gloss that shows off all its lovely grain.

Electronics: The E/A's Bartolini magnetic pickups are mounted in solid wood. A Fishman transducer, which captures the instruments acoustic timbres, is located in the bridge. A two position microswitch allows you to choose either the electric, or acoustic sound.The pickup volume pot has a push/pull switch to select single output or dual output mode. In single output mode, the electric or acoustic sound is routed to the main output jack. In dual output mode, the electric sound is routed to the main output jack, and the acoustic sound is routed to the second jack mounted adjacent to the main jack. This allows dual sound for even more tonal variations.

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