New Projects


Ash sawn from log                                           Hollow ash cores                                         cores before glue up





core and caps glued                                                 neck blank glued up                            neck /graphite  lams                 


   DSCN0818.JPG (173165 bytes)                                                       DSCN0819.JPG (448594 bytes)                                          DSCN0820.JPG (459132 bytes)


  12 string neck roughed in                                  Necks ready for rods&boards                          necks hollow cored


                                                              DSCN0823.JPG (393969 bytes)   

    000 Flame myrtle                                              000 Myrtle to sanding                                        GF SECURITY



  DSCN0825.JPG (399948 bytes)                                                

12 string for Chris de Burgh                      E/A Strat for Chris de Burgh         John from Morrell Engineering Pickup winding machine